“KBT has been a mentor /coach for me over the past 8 years. Her active listening skills combined with impeccable ethical and moral standards allow her to help me stay on the right track. Whenever I walk away from a meeting with
Kathy I feel like I can conquer my most challenging goals. I encourage anyone who is thinking about hiring a professional coach to give Kathy a chance — you won’t be disappointed. ”

Frank Jennings
Partner, Sales Resource Partners

“Working with Kathy is like working with several people all rolled into one: my greatest supporter, a talented business advisor and someone who is not afraid to remind me of my bigger picture and kick me in the butt – in a loving, non-judgmental way. I appreciate her honesty, her business experience, and her sense of humor. I am leading the personal and professional life that I WANT thanks to her powerful coaching!”

Melissa Suey
Leadership Coach and Consultant

“Kathy’s “Wake Up: Living Matters” workshop was like a mental double-latte, a delicious and energizing jolt that helped me shake off the cobwebs of same-old thinking to consider creative new approaches to some of my life’s larger questions. I was amazed at the level of supportive community we were able to create in a few short hours and I left percolating both with possibility and a plan for action.”

Sue Burton
CEO Verve Partners

“Kathy is one of the most inspirational, motivating, knowledgeable, passionate coach/woman/business woman that I know. In the short amount of time (ten months) that I have know her she has be an extremely important asset in inspiring me to reach my own goals and dreams. She has the nurturing ability of a mother, the compassion as a friend and the fierce love as a coach to help anyone realize their full potential. Anyone who has the opportunity to be coached by Kathy will realize what a gift that truly is…”

Coby Kozlowski
Leadership Coach

“In my experience, Kathy is thoroughly familiar with the challenges of working in the corporate world. I have learned from our meetings that she understands the hurdles that we face regularly, and that she is excellent at providing realistic advice about getting over them. Kathy is focused, deliberate, insightful, and real. The practicality of her solutions is what makes them so valuable. Hypothetically, we all want to work hard, contribute, and be successful. Kathy takes those concepts and breaks them down into real-world, concrete actions which produce tangible results. My goal is to constantly evolve into the best professional that I can be. Kathy’s guidance makes that path much more direct.”

Andrea Joler
Relationship Manager, NYFIX

“Having been coached by Kathy for the past several months, I would highly recommend her services. Her style is to understand where people are in their current professions/roles and to inspire them to advance themselves on a personal and professional level, whether it is in their current role or pursuing a new one. She is a true professional and a highly valuable resource for anyone in the workforce.”

Sheri Engler
President, Search-Smart, Inc.

“Kathy brings enthusiasm and priceless experience to each session; she’s an absolute pleasure to work with! She’s helped me see the ways I stop myself from achieving and guides me work more thoughtfully towards the goals I’ve set for myself.”

Christina Benoit

“I have ceased to listen to the stars and books. I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me.”
Hermann Hesse